An opportunity to partner with 'Spacesuit Orbital Run' - the M25’s first ever 24-hour endurance driving challenge will take place this June attempting to set the record for longest distance travelled on the M25 in 24 hours by staying within the speed limits!

Starting at Clacket Lane Service Station at 4pm on Saturday 3rd, the drivers will attempt to complete 24 hours of continuous driving around the notorious ring road M25 finishing at 4pm on Sunday 4th June.

Great opportunity for energy products and speed monitoring black box companies...

The event takes place exactly two weeks before the world famous Le Mans 24 Hour race and follows the same format of 3 drivers taking it turns to be at the wheel, with driver swap pit stops at Clacket Lane.

The three drivers include professional racing drivers Alexander Sims and Jody Fannin sharing the wheel of a BMW i8 hybrid supercar.

‘Spacesuit Orbital Run’ is not about winning, it’s about survival! The mission is to get as close as possible to the theoretical maximum distance that can be covered in a 24-hour period without breaking any posted speed limits, 1680 miles. Roadworks, traffic jams and temporary speed limits will create a driving challenge unlike any other.


British sports car star Jody Fannin (23) who drives for Ferrari team JMW Motorsport in the 2017 European Le Mans Series is one of the sport’s rising stars and one of the youngest British Racing Driver’s Club (BRDC) members.

Life however was not always in the fast lane for Jody!  Born prematurely at only 29 weeks, it was touch and go whether he would indeed survive. Jody’s story is really one of triumph over adversity!

Jody will use the event to raise awareness and money for the children’s charity Buttle UK, as he realises that not all children are so lucky. Buttle UK seeks to improve the lives of the 28% of children and young people living in the UK in poverty and crisis by providing small but targeted grants and effective interventions.  Monies raised from Jody’s participation will go towards Buttle UK’s Chance for Children campaign that hopes to raise funds to help 35,000 children allowing them to live a normal life.

Alexander is keen to highlight the environmental issues faced by motor transport today as well as solutions already available from the automotive world.

The BMW i8 is a petrol-electric hybrid vehicle is designed to deliver the performance of a Porsche and the emissions of a Toyota Prius, while looking absolutely stunning. It is the perfect vehicle with which to champion green forms of personal transportation as well as underlining that shifting to a more environmentally conscious vehicle needn’t diminish driving pleasure.

Ross Ringham, Director at Spacesuit Media, says: “We find adventure in the most unlikely places. Our photographers work all over the world in exotic locations, including the Le Mans 24 Hour race. We want to bring that spirit of exploration home. What we’re attempting with ‘Spacesuit Orbital Run’ has never before been attempted, as far as we’re aware, so this will be a first for the country and for this famous stretch of motorway.”

Other teams are welcome to take up the challenge. Teams must include three drivers, each of whom will abide by a set of guidelines designed to protect the safety of participants and those around them by complying with best practice driving guidelines from the DVLA as well as regulations governing professional drivers. Advice includes driving for no more than three hours in any one stint and no more than nine hours in total. Cars must be roadworthy and road legal; drivers should have plenty of experience of motorway driving. The event criteria have been assessed by the MSA, the UK’s motorsport regulatory body, and deemed to constitute a “social rally” with no need for external regulation.



Images - Copyright 2017 Lou Johnson Spacesuit Media



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