Great Pacific Race

Great Pacific Race

Great Pacific Race

The biennial Great Pacific Race is the biggest ocean rowing challenge on the planet - a 2,400-mile competitive row across the Pacific Ocean from California to Hawaii!

2,400 MILES


30 + DAYS



Great Pacific Race 2016 is the only human powered race across the Pacific Ocean. Row-boats of two and four crew compete against others from around the world in an epic journey on the world’s largest ocean from Monterey, California to Waikiki, Hawaii.

The shortest route between the start and finish is 2,400 miles but winds, waves, current and less than perfect steering mean that each boat will actually cover closer to 3,000 miles!

The world’s leading human endurance challenge is expected to take those racing between 30 and 80 days depending on the number of people in the crew, the quality of their preparation and the weather conditions they encounter on route. Each boat is only moved by the muscle of the crew pulling on the oars and carries no sails or engines.

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