London Table Tennis

London Table Tennis

London Table Tennis

London Table Tennis Limited’s flagship event “The London Cup” is bidding to be a  Platinum event as part of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) World Tour 2018.

Broadcast In China & around the world, the tournament, planned to run over the Easter weekend, offers huge media exposure on TV and digital platforms across China.

The Chinese equivalent event in 2015 delivered 13 hours of TV Airtime across CCTV 5 and CCTV 5+ using CSM national and TAM network; 18.6 million cumulative viewers; and 65.4 million unique viewers on CCTV-5; Total Official Sponsor Exposure 57 hours 1 minute; Total Official Sponsorship Media Value USD$ 17.43 million.

The London Cup 2018 is more than just a table tennis tournament it: offers a bridge between London & Asia - in particular China, Japan and India, where table tennis is hugely popular and televised; and aims to increase the profile of the sport of table tennis at all levels and all abilities, open further opportunities in coaching, youth development and increase participation in the sport.

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