Thai Football Clubs

Thai Football Clubs

Thai Football Clubs

Our Football Studio works with PPSEACL to develop sponsorship strategies and sales materials for a number of football clubs in the Thai Premier League and Thai Division 1.

Thais are crazy about football especially the English Premier League - watching football on local and paid-cable TV as well as attending games.

Now with its new professional league system, football in Thailand is undergoing a revolution resulting in fast improving standards of football with thousands of young children taking up the game through to several Thai players finding openings with clubs abroad.

Thailand is on a journey for football success and its millions of football supporters are demanding it.

Professional football in Thailand is organised by Football Association of Thailand Football has a long history in Thailand being introduced in 1897 and in 1916, King Vajiravudh founded The Football Association of Thailand under Patronage of His Majesty the King.

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