TJ's True South - PPSEACL

TJ's True South - PPSEACL

TJ's True South - PPSEACL

We are working with our ASEAN affiliate The Sponsorship Experts to find partners for TJ's TRUE SOUTH.

In November 2018, the most ambitious Thai polar expedition of all time will attempt the first ever on foot crossing from the edge of Antarctica to the South Pole - TJ’s TRUE SOUTH.

TJ’S TRUE SOUTH opens a new chapter in Thai history with the expeditionary team of ten Thai nationals planting the Thai flag at the South Pole.

The 45-day, 1200 kilometre adventure in temperatures reaching under -50°C is led by Mr. Ake - Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit (TJ) who is seeking nine others to join his group of ten on this great journey along one of the most notable expeditionary routes in
the world that has only been completed by a mere 19 countries!

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