Founded in 2001, HOTELS.TV is the world’s premier video channel for the hotel industry providing a platform for boutique, unique and luxury hotels, resorts and events.

HOTELS.TV has been reviewing, videoing, marketing and booking the world’s most interesting hotels for over 20 years to a global audience of 200+ million viewers.

HOTELS.TV technology has generated over $100million in revenue for hotel partners. Independent video reviews further enhance bookings and create a strong Call to Action.

The platform features live and on-demand videos of hotels, hotel openings, special events and lifestyle products and is broadcast across many partner channels including YouTube, Vimeo, Social Networks, Amazon FireTV, RokuTV, AppleTV and AndroidTV.

HOTELS.TV is not about star ratings or TripAdvisor style reviews. It is about experience, the atmosphere and the vibe. Seeing it with your own eyes or listening to those who have been there.

We have a number of commercial sponsorship and partnership opportunities for businesses to get involved with HOTELS.TV in 2020 and 2021

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