Merge is an annual festival curated by Illuminate Productions to encourage and promote a set of performances, events and happenings, which draw on the rich heritage and contemporary culture of Bankside.

  • Opens up London’s lost buildings before their regeneration, enabling artists to work in unusual and challenging contexts, whilst giving the public the opportunity to enjoy the history of the buildings for the last time.
  • Brings together artists, performers, art organisations and collectives in experimental partnerships and in unusual venues and situations.
  • Opens the way for discussion and fresh debate about contemporary art and culture. Local communities are also encouraged to take ownership of projects.
  • Brings together local communities, workers and visitors as both participants and audiences - Taking art and music to the community.
  • Promotes and nurtures emergent talent and gives artists the opportunity to show alongside high profile international artists. Artists are given room to develop without having commercial constraints.

The vast majority of exhibitions and events are free to all and will reach a wide audience.

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