A unique opportunity to associate your brand with the world’s largest and most prestigious cycling series - GRAN FONDO NEW YORK (GFNY), which debuts in Thailand in 2021!

GFNY is a highly organised event designed to give amateur cyclists a taste of what it’s like to participate in a professional cycling event.

With more than 20 events across the globe each year, including exotic locations such as Florida, Mexico, Portugal and Uruguay - GFNY has become a global cycling phenomenon, attracting amateur and professional cyclists from more than 120 nations.

GFNY brings thousands of athletes, their families and friends to attractive tourism destinations to enjoy sport, entertainment and family-friendly activities.
GFNY events offer cyclists the same challenge around the world with a chance to qualify for the Elite Racer corral at all GFNY races, including at the GFNY World Championship, held annually in New York City.

Expected to attract thousands of participants from Thailand and beyond, GFNY Thailand plans to run four events in Thailand each year at two locations:
• Countryside / Mountain Destination - such as Khao Yai National Park
• Beach Destination - such as Krabi
Both locations offer breath taking views and picturesque routes that are both challenging and rewarding.

There will be two events at each location
• 1 x cycling marathon
• 1 x running marathon - a new addition to the GFNY endurance sports brand
Total Expected Riders For the Cycling Events:
• GFNY Thailand 2021: 3,000 athletes & family from 20 nations
• GFNY Thailand 2022: 3,500 athletes & family from 25 nations
• GFNY Thailand 2023: 4,000 athletes & family from 30 nations

We have a number of commercial sponsorship and partnership opportunities for businesses to get involved...

Client - The Sponsorship Experts / GFNY THAILAND 2021

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