Our Football Studio office in Thailand is working with Mediapro Asia helping market LaLiga.

With some of the world's leading football stars such as Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Iniesta, LaLiga captivates a worldwide audience and is the most successful League in Europe!

Brands in Thailand now have the opportunity to leverage on the popularity and premium association of LaLiga by engaging with a worldwide audience when legendary clubs like Real Madrid CF and FC Barcelona play. In partnership with Mediapro Asia, The Sponsorship Experts & the Football Studio now offers commercial sponsorship and partnership opportunities with the famous league and the assets centred around it.

Spanish football has always been loved for its technical and methodical playing style and the worldwide audience for the league grows year by year with especially strong growth seen in Asia.
When it comes to advertising, few channels are more effective than branding around the field during a live football match. Average on-site attendance during a LaLiga match is around 30,000 people with matches between the most famous clubs drawing up to 100,000 people. On top of that comes worldwide broadcasting to millions which you can now tap on!

Mediapro is synonymous with LaLiga. Due to a long-lasting relationship with LaLiga, the agency is able to engage the clubs, the league and most importantly, the players, for commercial sponsorship and partnership opportunities.

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