We are working with leading sports fan engagement app developer, whose technology platform won the Best New Innovation Award at the Sports Technology Awards 2017.

The technology aggregates social media content from different sports, clubs, leagues etc (bloggers, players, clubs, media, etc) from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube as well as news feeds around specific topics - with thousands and thousands of social media feeds across all sports.

This up to the second sport specific news ensures fans return to these digital platforms on a regular basis, which is the key to effective fan engagement and monetisation.

Clients include: QBE Rugby; Shane Williams; Wasim Akrim; and Scarlets Rugby.
Main Benefits include:
QUEUE BUSTER TECHNOLOGY -  a mobile payment facility to drive additional revenues - tap into the third of fans who can’t be bothered queueing and help solve the Half Time 3 Ps!
FAN ENGAGEMENT - a powerful new customer acquisition channel - a never ending stream of appealing content so fans are always up to date with the latest news and social updates
DRIVE  BRAND - support promotions and brand activity throughout the year
DATA - provide data from customers
ADDITIONAL INCOME THROUGH DIGITAL ASSETS – the platform provides new digital sponsorship assets to attract new sponsors/partners or build more valuable relationships with existing sponsors/partners

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