Education Marketing

Purple Tangerine’s Education offer is headed up by co-founder, Heather Stewart-Jones who has over 20 years experience in education marketing.

We help brands, local councils and event organisers connect and engage with the education sector through creative ideas.

We help schools and colleges understand their brand, manage their communications and attract partners and sponsors.


Our experience covers all six stages of the national curriculum in the UK as well as other countries in Europe and Asia.



Brands - Oral B, L'Oreal, Match Attax, Club Footie, Match of the Day Magazine
Local Councils - Maidstone County Council
Event Organisers - Chess In Schools, Wild In Art
Schools - Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School Kent, Brighton College Bangkok, Phuket International School



Developing Your Education Strategy

Through our network of teachers, head teachers and marketers we produce education programmes that are engaging for both teachers and pupils.

We create educational programmes that fit with your brand objectives and can integrate brands into educational content through song, dance, acting, sport, art and more making education fun and memorable.

Some of the brands we have worked with include L’Oreal, Oral B and Santander.


Creating Your Education Content

We help you create new content to fit with your marketing activity for example this could be based around sport, community, drama or art.

We help you find existing programmes such as F1 in Schools.


Launch & Manage Your Campaign

We work with you to drive awareness of your campaign through PR, Storytelling, Advertising, Social Media and more.



Sourcing & Managing Sponsors & Partners

Raising funds is at the heart of what we do.  By having a solid brand and content marketing strategy your school will raise its appeal to the business world. We help schools  & colleges…
•    Structure their rights - into straightforward, easy to understand offers to be presented to target brands / businesses
•    Develop sales collateral  - video, pdfs, brochures, presentations, websites
•    Source business partners and sponsors - targeting relevant companies
•    Negotiate commercial contracts - commercial terms and heads of terms
•    Manage their partners – ensuring sponsors are cared for at all times


Developing The School / College Brand

A school’s brand is much more than just a logo it is at the heart of everything the school stands for – its culture, its staff, its pupils (past and present), and its personality!

Schools have to demonstrate how they are meeting the values, expectations and hopes of society.

We work with schools to identify the unique brand attributes of the school. We use the proven Brand Key process, which covers: Brand Values & Personality; Brand Benefits; Brand Discriminators; Reasons To Leave Your Brand; Brand Insights; Competitive Environment For Your Brand.

Telling the story of the great things your school does will differentiate your school from others giving you an edge when it comes to attracting staff, pupils, governors, business support, funding etc.

Story telling will help you…

•    raise awareness of your school?

•    differentiate your school from the competition?

•    gain credibility and give you the competitive edge


The Elevator Pitch

The “Elevator Pitch” is the sentence or two that allows you to tell your story in the time it takes to go from one floor to another in an elevator. It covers:

Who You Are?

What You Do?

Why You Are Unique?

How Do You Do It & Who Does It Affect?

This process allows you to present your school in a succinct and professional way… The most successful schools know what they stand and reflect this through their communication.


Branded Content, Content Marketing, News Release Writing & Issue

We produce media to promote your school - through film, news and feature articles, surveys, white papers, endorsements, advertisements, social media campaigns, and more… we provide our clients with positive content to engage their target audience through traditional, online and social channels.

Drafting and issuing news releases targeted at different sectors of the media – National, Regional, Business, Consumer and Trade. Our team of media relations experts call and sell in your story to the key media – developing news and feature ideas and arranging interviews.