Publicity & PR - Create & Tell Your Stories


PR has undergone a huge revolution over the past few years. With the proliferation of social media authenticity, transparency & community have become the corporate buzzwords.

PR is all about telling your story to your customers, clients, followers and fans in the smartest, quickest and easiest to understand way. Story Telling will help you do just that…



In today’s always on, smarter-than-before society, just pledging to be a better company / club / celebrity just won’t cut it.

Companies have to demonstrate how they are meeting the values, expectations and hopes of society and a new generation of consumers – the Millennials and Generation Z.

Telling the story of the great things your company does can make people fall in love with your brand and become customers. Story telling will help you…
•    raise awareness of your products and services
•    differentiate your brand from the competition
•    gain credibility in the markets you operate in giving you the competitive edge

By following this process your company / brand will achieve and maintain leadership.



We work with you to identify your story through a ½ – 1-day Story Telling Workshop.


The Elevator Pitch

This involves developing your central corporate / brand proposition or as we call it your “Elevator Pitch”.

The “Elevator Pitch” is the sentence or two that allows you to tell your story in the time it takes to go from one floor to another in an elevator. It covers:
Who You Are
What You Do
Why You Are Unique
How Do You Do It & Who Does It Affect

This process allows you to present your business in a succinct and professional way…


The Story House

To arrive at the Elevator Pitch we first need to audit your current content i.e. what you are saying about yourself on your website and in your corporate literature and what others are saying about you on social media.

We sort through this content and present it in a meaningful and organised way - a series of key messages that form your Story House…



We are reputation and image management specialists. On a tactical level we offer:

Public Relations Strategy

We'll help you develop a PR Strategy that identifies:
your current image and the image you wish to portray
your target audiences – who they are, what they do & what they think
tactics to influence and persuade your target audience to believe in your products and services and switch their opinions, beliefs and behaviors to be favourable towards your business

Branded Content, Content Marketing, News Release Writing & Issue

We produce media that appeals to all generations - Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z. Through film, news and feature articles, surveys, white papers, celebrity endorsements, sports and arts sponsorship and more… we provide our clients with positive content to engage their target audience.

Drafting and issuing news releases targeted at different sectors of the media – National, Regional, Business, Consumer and Trade. Our team of media relations experts call and sell in your story to the key media – developing news and feature ideas and arranging interviews.

Media Relations & Media Training

Managing your Press Offices. We create media relations campaigns for all media including Online, Social, TV, Radio and Press:
developing news angles
feature angles
photographic opportunities

A fully comprehensive media training service, covering: understanding the media; rules of engagement; how to look, what to say; the story house; answering difficult questions; bridging techniques; holding press conferences; types of journalist; crisis management; and interviewing techniques.

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