We develop and implement social networking campaigns that drive image and sales.

Brands are being talked about throughout the day and night in a plethora of communities -

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn...

The purchase process for the majority of us now starts with a browse of social sites to garner opinions on products and services - these opinions are trusted more than a brand's own website!

Marketing today is about: participation in the on-going conversations taking place in social media; having a rapport with bloggers; and having a presence in social sites frequented by their audiences.

Understanding the importance of contributing to discussions helps build the reputation needed to become a valued member of the online communities relevant to your business.

Brands that embrace social media will increase awareness, gain credibility, develop advocates and drive the bottom line.


We have affiliate offices in Beijing and Shanghai that work with us to create social campaigns to target the Chinese market, including their social media.

As the major Western social networks are banned in China, the best way to communicate with the Chinese market is through their social equivalents.

Rights holders can promote their properties to China through the main social media…

Chinese Social Logos

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