Sponsorship - Brands


We offer brands the following services, through our A to F of Sponsorship, covering:


Audit the effectiveness of the existing or planned sponsorship portfolio.




Reports on the sponsorship marketplace. Up-to-date analysis of what is available, covering existing opportunities & analysis of competitor activity.



Our Sponsorship Assessment Matrix is an objective process to ascertain the ‘best fit’ of current and potential sponsorships.

SAM™ provides an objective tool to assess and determine the strength of a sponsorship opportunity against  marketing criteria.

We identify the sponsorship criteria and rank them in order of importance. Sponsorship opportunities are then evaluated against the criteria.

The definitions of these scores are pre agreed with the client to build in objectivity. All opportunities score on the continuum between 0% and 100% allowing us to make an objective choice.

Measuring sponsorship effectiveness through on-going qualitative and quantitative analysis.


We speak the sponsorship language and can get you the best deals.

Dealing with approaches from rights holders seeking sponsorship – we offer a central point of contact and follow up all who approach with sponsorship opportunities.



Once rights are secured we will work with you to manage the activation plan covering: Rights Fulfilment; General Sponsor Management – a management service for all sponsor needs; Reportage – provision of evaluation reports.

We also provide the following support: Storytelling Through Digital / Social; Video Production; Public Relations; Internal Communications; Hospitality; Traditional Advertising; Sampling & Experiential; Online Promotions; Sales Promotions; and Direct Marketing.


Helping police the delivery of contracted rights through our Fulfilment Index. For example, in camera signage, personal appearances, use of marques/symbols. Sponsors can compare what they paid for against what they achieved. Excellent tool for renegotiation of contracts.